I can’t believe it took me so long to write this post, but then again it’s been the most hectic few weeks of my year (so far). I have been gluten-free for over a year now. And it’s been one incredible long year full of up’s and down’s and middle places in between. At first it was really depressing, all I could think about were the things I could no longer have/do. But lately I’ve been thinking back on how bad I had always felt growing up and how much better I’ve felt!! This is the first year in my entire life I made it over 6 months without a trip to the ER!! Its an amazing feeling! I haven’t been to the Doctor in months *knock on wood* and it was my first winter without strep!

And as I sit here thinking about it, the thing I miss most of all isn’t even a food item. The thing I miss most is being able to walk into any restaurant and order something off the menu without having to ask a billion questions, do research before hand, and then I still have a 70% chance of getting sick. Not being able to travel wherever I want without taking food, or making sure there is a place I can buy/store food. Having that freedom. (And I admit I miss McDonald’s and Pizza Hut most of all) But at the same time I know I’m healthier for it. (because we all know McDonald’s isn’t really food)

The cost of my food bugs me as well, the fact that companies can take advantage of people who have to eat gluten-free by charging and arm and a leg (and probably my first-born) for the SMALLEST portion of food they can get away with giving you. But I guess that’s life, nobody is in it to make nothing.  And at the moment there isn’t really anything I can do about it.  (except refuse to look at my personal grocery bill)

Most of my family has been incredibly supportive this last year. A few members fail to see how hard this has been on me. And think jokes about how expensive I am are funny while they aren’t. But thats a minority.There is only one other diagnosed member of my family, but I don’t believe we are the only two. (We had to have gotten it from somewhere right?)

The Glutening have gotten fewer and farther apart (although the reactions are just as bad) which leads me to believe I’m actually starting to get the hang of this. Although I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’m completely okay with it. Because I’m not. There are still times when the idea of always having to read ingredients and watch everything I eat for the rest of my life is so depressing I just want to give up. But the moment passes and I move on with my life.

Surprises. Sometimes it seems as if every time I think I have this under control, or figured out something new pops up and smacks me in the face. Take DH for example. No one EVERY told me I could get DH, but during August when I got a rash that looked like poison ivy (even though I hadn’t been near any) and wouldn’t go away with calamine or anti-itch meds I discovered the wondrous joys of DH. I was miserable and of course it was the hottest week of the summer and I was in charge of watching 10 preschoolers for the week. In pants. Outside. Running around. It eventually went away… (although I have a few spots of darker skin)

I guess what I am trying to say is: I survived a year Gluten-Free and although it was hard, and full of challenges, I am glad that I got that year, and I am looking forward to the year to come….(sorta lol) Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to post more during this next year (Lord willing) and I hope that in another year I’ll have more positive things to say 🙂


I love Udi’s Sandwich bread so much I thought I’d try the pizza crusts. I’ve heard mixed reviews so I was weary (only got one package of two)

It’s amazing! I had thawed them out (accidentally on the way home) and cooked it in my little toaster oven for about 7 minutes with cheese, sauce and pepperoni, it’s a bit on the thin side for me….But I love it! Such a change of pace and I just love.

Yum Yum

Pizza in it’s bag


So good I couldn’t wait to take the pic

What I used:

Udi’s Pizza Crust

Ragu Homestyle Pizza Sauce

Kraft Natural’s Sharp Cheese

Hormel Pepperoni’s

I tried Udi’s bread for the first time the other day, it was amazing! I loved having a bread that I didn’t have to cook in order to eat it! It was awesome!

As you can see from the picture I could hardy wait to eat it…

It had amazing texture, great taste, and I just had to thaw it out. Very easy and very yummy 🙂

I found it online at the Gluten Free Store slightly more expensive than at my local heath food place

You can also buy it at Udi’s website http://udisglutenfree.com

It’s been about ten months since I was diagnosed with Celiac and began a gluten-free life…it’s been a long journey full of ups and down. I’ve been through the grieve process multiple times, usually involving some lost favorite food of mine…most of the time in the middle of the grocery store. The hardest thing I think was watching everyone else continue on eating the foods they normally do and most of all taking them for granted knowing I could never eat them again. It sounds kinda depressing I know, but it’s how I felt. But I think the worst part of it all was the cost…I’ve always been an extremely frugal kinda person who hated spending money on herself, and as most of you know Gluten-Free food isn’t cheap. At all.

The day I found out I had been GF for a few days I went straight home and ate 4 slices of plain white bread, I regretted that for hours…after that I’ve tried to look at the upsides….

I feel amazing! I didn’t get sick all winter for the first time in my life! No more worrying about when my next ‘attack’ would been, where all the bathrooms were in any given building, being afraid of any long trips because I never knew when an ‘attack’ would come. My stomach isn’t swollen anymore, I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’ve gained more energy and I just feel better!

Overall I’d say the upsides from going gluten-free outweigh the negative; even though it’s been hard at times and I’m sure it isn’t over yet, but it’s worth it. Every time there’s a pizza party, a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese, or a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar I just have to remember about the upsides and move on with my life 🙂 Stop living in the past and what-not…

Plus my family has been amazingly supportive; they even went GF with me for two days last month during the GF challenge! I don’t know what I’d do without them 😛

Anyway that’s my post for today, I’ll try posting more often from now on and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Today I learned that Mug Root Beer is not only Gluten-Free, but it is Dairy and Nut free as well! How cool is that!

I was just at school and needed a drink, and lo and behold NO pepsi. again. So I got a Root-Beer well then I read the back and it had Modified Food Starch and I was like Uh-Oh! So I logged onto the website (mugrootbeer.com) and looked at the FAQ’s and it said like TEN times that the product was in fact GF 😀 This is cool because it’s one of my favorite drinks 🙂

I also thought of a new “You might have celiac if” saying “You might have celiac if: It takes you twenty minutes to make a sandwich, that takes you less than 10 to eat.” Last night I got home late and realized I hadn’t eaten so I put some bread in the oven to toast…It takes about twenty minutes in my gas oven 😛 I need to get a dedicated toaster.